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Blood Donor Session, Oct 8th 3016.

UPDATE: HS2 Extension or Spur to Heathrow will not be built. //////////////HS2 issue letter to residents clarifying the matterop

PRESS RELEASE. Mansion Lane bridge closure Drop- In ////////////// /////                    ///////events to be held

SIFE appeal refused. click here

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Grange Way to Colne Orchard footpath result.  click here

Proposed changes to Home to School transport. click here

Road closure notices.

Langley Gravel Proposals.

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Being held at:



Come along for important information on:

•  SBDC Local Plan
•  Iver Traffic Study
•  Iver Neighbourhood Plan

If you require further information please call

01753 655331 or email admin@iverparishcouncil.gov.uk




Heathrow have just announced proposals that could see the benefits of expansion start to be delivered four years early. This includes proposals for up to an additional 25,000 flights per year from 2021. They have issued the following statement:

‘we would like to reassure you that any increase in flights before a third runway opens would go hand in hand with our community and environmental commitments. That means we would introduce a stricter night-flight regime, with a ban on arrivals until 5.30am – an extension of one hour from today - and would bring forward the noise insulation scheme to coincide with the start of the new flights. Additional flights would also mean additional jobs – we estimate up to 5000 jobs on-airport which will provide opportunities for local residents'

The announcement was made in light of the decision to leave the EU to demonstrate how Heathrow can help deliver the Prime Minister's vision of a strong and fair post-Brexit economy.

Any plans to increase flights would be subject to public consultation and planning approval.


The cutting of most of the grass verges in the Parish of Iver is the responsibility of Bucks County Council. (See http://www.buckscc.gov.uk/transport/were-working-on-it/highways-maintenance/grass-cutting/).

However, some areas (eg Leas Drive , Grange Way / Dutton Way , Trewarden, Heathway) are the responsibility of L&Q Housing Association.

Bucks County Council has approached the Parish Council with a view to delegating this activity and a large range of other highway functions. This Council, along with a number of other neighbouring Councils, have declined to take this on.  The reasons for this decision were:

1.   The model that Bucks CC were promoting for this activity was based on the use of volunteers as there ///////was little funding being offered.

2.    The alternative was for the Council to contract the work out at a significant cost which would require a            //considerable increase in the Parish Council part of the council tax bill, with no matching decrease in the           County Council charge.

3.   This Council's Health and Safety advisors' legal team and our insurance company both advised against           taking on this responsibility as the risk for the Council and the Councillors was too great.

There will be changes to the First Bus Company services between Uxbridge, Iver and Slough

from September 24th 2016.


Starting on Sept 24th; the number 58 bus will become number 3 and run between Slough bus station and Uxbridge bus station about every 20 minutes Mon - Fri daytime,  less frequenty Saturday early morning and evening, and hourly on Sundays.  

Please note that the Number 7 bus is no longer running between Slough and Uxbridge.

To see the timetable for the new service, click here.



This letter is being issued to communities located 1km either side of the previously proposed ‘spur'.

"I am writing to you to share some information about the High Speed Two (HS2) rail project.

The Government has recently confirmed that no HS2 extension – or ‘spur' – to Heathrow Airport will be built.

The original HS2 Bill allowed for passive provision for a link between Heathrow and the HS2 railway between London and Birmingham. ‘Passive provision' means doing work that will make it easier or cheaper to do further construction work in a later phase – for example, constructing a junction or a short length of tunnel. It is a way of keeping options open for extending the network in future.

In March 2015 the Secretary of State announced that no spur would be built as part of Phase One or Two of the railway (which are due to be completed in 2026 and 2033, respectively). And the Government has since confirmed that no passive provision will be implemented either. Instead, the Old Oak Common station will provide HS2 passengers with a connection to rail services direct to Heathrow.

We hope that this will be welcome and reassuring news to you and other residents in your area. If you would like more detailed information or have any questions, contact our Helpdesk on 020 7944 4908 or email HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk

You can also find more information about the HS2 project online at www.gov.uk/hs2



Slough Borough Council has announced a series of drop-in sessions giving members of the public the opportunity to air their views on the closure of Chequege in Langley.
Sessions will be held at Christ the Worker Church Centre in Parlaunt Road on the following dates:

  • 29 September 4-8pm
  • 27 October 4-8pm
  • 22 November 4-8pm

The council has also launched a questionnaire on Survey Monkey , which gives people the chance to respond online without having to email or post comments on social media.

The bridge, in Hollow Hill Lane/Mansion Lane/Market Lane, was closed under an experimental traffic order on 2 August, to allow officers to assess the impact on traffic flow in the area ahead of the delivery of major transport infrastructure projects, some of which could potentially see the long-term or permanent closure of the bridge.

Drop-in events to be held as part of consultation on bridge closure - Slough Borough Council

PRESS RELEASE - Slough Borough Council to close Mansion Lane route.

Iver Parish Council are very disappointed to learn from a Slough Borough Council press release that they are closing Chequers Bridge in Hollow Hill Lane/Market Lane on 2nd August 2016.

This will have a huge impact on traffic for residents of Iver and the Parish Council was not consulted or informed.

We note that all the projects mentioned are in Langley, not Iver.

Click the link for details.


SIFE - The Slough International Freight Exchange

The Final Decision letter and Inspector's Report for SIFE was published on July 12th 2016. The Inspector recommended that the appeal be dismissed and planning permission refused.  This is good news for Iver as the proposed SIFE site was south of Richings Park between the M4 and A4 Colnbrook Byepass and would have brought more heavy lorries on neighbouring roads with more congestion and air pollution etc.

Click here to see the Decision Notice.

For more details of the project click here.

The claim for a formal footpath between Grange Way and Colne Orchard.

The application by IDCA (the Iver and District Countryside Association), supported by the Parish Council, to add the footpath from the bottom of Grange Way to Colne Orchard as a public right of way, has finally been processed by Bucks County Council. The County Council Rights of Way Officer recommended that the route be accepted as a definitive right of way. On 12 July Paul Graham (chairman of IDCA) attended and spoke at a Bucks County Council Committee which agreed with the officer's recommendation. A formal Order will now be made. To all those who submitted evidence forms for the Grange Way to Colne Orchard claimed footpath, thank you.

Sadly the route has recently been blocked by one or both of the landowners and they may formally object, in which case it is likely that a Public Inquiry will be held with a decision expected next year. If the application is ultimately successful, then BCC and/or the landowners will clear the obstruction and then maintain and sign the path properly.


Once again Iver loses out to the north of the County.


Bucks CC has decided to take all the money that had been allocated for a cycleway from Iver village to Iver station and given it to a cycle route that connects Buckingham and Winslow.

The Council says there were consultations but no-one consulted the Parish Council, our District Councillors or as far as we know our County Councillor .

The Iver District Councillors wrote to Mark Shaw (the Cabinet Member for Transportation) to express their concern only to be told


" The reality is that there are so many transportation issues that face Iver and the uncertainty of solutions at the moment to answer those issues it would have been senseless to provide additional infrastructure that may course more problems that it will answer.

As we go through the modelling from the results of the traffic studies that are being carried out at the moment then we can look at mitigation to alleviate the transportation issues that face Iver and that will indeed include sustainable methods of transportation.

Therefore a pragmatic decision had to be made."


Paraphrasing - ‘Iver has so many traffic problems, it is senseless to do anything'

It is difficult to see what problems a cycle path could cause the major infrastructure projects that MAY get the go ahead in Iver !

For the Report about the Buckingham to Winslow Cycle Scheme including details of funding taken from the Iver Scheme,

click here /



The Iver Neighbourhood Plan.

Iver Parish Council is very disappointed that the Cabinet of SBDC accepted without question the recommendation by council officers to exclude Pinewood Studios and the Green Belt extension from the Iver Neighbourhood Area.


We are planning small exhibitions to explain neighbourhood planning and encourage residents and businesses to take part so that the Iver Neighbourhood Plan (INP) brings improvements and benefits to the parish where ever possible.


Please look out for notices of dates and come along, give us your views and complete a questionnaire.


The INP will be as good as we and you make it !


Disturbance caused by HGV parking on local roads.

The Parish Council has been made aware that there is an increasing problem being caused by HGV vehicles waiting for their delivery or collection slot at Heathrow Airport . They are given a time to deliver or collect freight from the airport but because traffic delays could mean they might arrive late and not be allowed on to the airport, they are increasingly arriving several hours before their time and parking on local roads waiting for their time slot. Sometimes, HGVs are parked up overnight. This problem has been causing problems near the airport for some time but is now becoming evident in Iver. They arrive in the parish and wait for several hours, then leave, sometimes at un-social hours, revving engines, disturbing residents and leaving litter etc. If you are aware of such events, please note details of vehicles and owners and inform the Parish Council Office by phone or email.

(Tel: 01753 655331 or email:   admin@iverparishcouncil.gov.uk)

Latest Annual Return.

View the Annual Return for 2015 - 2016  click here   ( 17.9 KB pdf file )

Iver Guide Cover



The Official Iver Guide for 2016 to 2017 is now available.

To view the guide online, click here,

(opens in a new window)


Iver Parish Council is a Quality Parish Council

Quality Parish Council logo

click here for more details.

For Iver Parish Council's Scheme of Publication,

(which shows information available from the Council)

click here  (F.O.I Page)


Iver Village Gate

Click here to see a video of the problem of HGVs in Iver

Stop Press!

Links to any important notices or information will be placed in this section.

Also see our News Page

IVHCL Logo               /////////   New opening times

          Tuesday   9.00-1.00,  2.00-5.00

          Thursday 10.00-1.00, 2.00-6.00

          Saturday 10.00-1.00

Your local library, opposite Iver Heath Junior school .

Books, Magazines, Spoken word, Large print, Fantastic Children's Library, Regular crafting sessions

& Childrens Bounce and Rhyme.  Not forgetting we also have free Wifi, Photocopying and scanning.

/ Yo

Consultation on proposed changes to Home to School Transport in Buckinghamshire.

Buckinghamshire County Council is proposing to bring their Policy into line with what it is legally required to do to save an estimated £0.5 million.   This would mean they would only provide free school transport to the nearest secondary school to the pupil's home address.

The consultation includes a survey for any interested resident, family, school or organisation.

To find out more and access the survey visit: www.buckscc.gov.uk/schooltransportconsultation

Sign up for The Pinewood Shuttle Bus.

The Pinewood shuttle bus will be made available to local residents from Monday July 4th.

Click here for more details.

Click here for an application form.

New Gravel Pit proposed between Iver and Langley

This proposal to dig gravel in connection with the WRAtH project could impact local residents of Iver.

click here to see the proposals




Iver Parish Council has applied to South Bucks District Council to declare the entire parish area of Iver as a Neighbourhood Area under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended).


The Application can be inspected on South Bucks District Council's website




The Application includes a Map to which the application relates (entire parish area), a statement from Iver Parish Council explaining why the Parish Council considers the area to be appropriate for designation as a neighbourhood area, and confirmation that the Parish Council is a relevant body for making such an application.

Road Closure Notices

Advance Warning.

Transport for Buckinghamshire - Emergency Tempory Road Closure.


Bellswood Lane between the Junction with Wood Lane for 368metres

for 1 day, October 16th. from 08.00 to 16.00


Western Railway Access to Heathrow

Mansion Lane will be permanently closed.  Traffic will have to use roads in Iver, Iver Heath and Richings Park.

They will make no contribution to a relief road

Thames Water is to take on the responsibility of 4,000 sewage pumping stations from property owners and managers and is appealing to customers to help identify privately owned sewage pumping stations.

click here to read their press release

St Peter's Church Burial Ground.

Local residents will know that for a number of years now, the actual graveyard at St. Peter's Church has been closed to new burials. At that time, the parish council purchased an adjoining piece of land (the burial ground) which has subsequently been used for these local burials.


Even though the burial ground is owned by the parish council, the actual burials and all of the associated dealings with undertakers, etc. has been under the jurisdiction of the parochial church council itself. This is a church body which operates to the Oxford Diocesan Regulations for burials.


As of December 31st. 2015, the church ceased to be the administrator for these functions. The parish council has taken on this responsibility.


Coincidentally, the burial ground has very few spaces left for actual burials. This has prompted Iver Parish Council to conclude that the best way forward is to maximise what opportunities are left for local residents. The only way this is possible, is to cease burials at the end of the year, and continue only with the burial of cremated remains. This will clearly take up less space, and increase the longevity of the use of the remaining ground. Administration will be covered from the current council offices.


This has not been an easy decision for this council, but it is perceived as the best opportunity and direction currently available. Exact details of how the administration will function are available from the Parish Council Office..

The Parish Council Response to the SBDC Local Plan Consultation.

Click here to read the response. (66KB PDF file)

HS2 Relocation of Heathrow Express Depot to Langley

Iver Parish Council delivered a Petition to Parliament on August 13th against the proposals for the relocation of the Heathrow Express railway depot to Langley.  HS2 has confirmed that an additional 500 HGV vehicle movements would be generated during the 2 year construction period, 70% of which would travel along Bangors Road South and through Iver village; 20% through Richings Park and 10% through Langley. 

The Parish Council wants HS2 to build an alternative road link from the construction site to link south with the M4 via a new bridge over the railway.

HS2 will bring a Bill to Parliament in the next session, which will then be referred to a Select Committee which gives individuals and bodies affected by the bill the opportunity to object to the bill's provisions and seek its amendment.

To read the Iver Parish Council's Petition, click here. (76KB PDF file)

Petition deliverers

The picture taken at Westminster after delivering their petitions shows left to right:

Cllr. Carol Gibson (Colne Valley Park CIC),

Cllr Jilly Jordan (Bangors Road South Residents Group), Cllr. Paul Griffin (Iver Traffic Action Group),

Ann Mayling (Iver Heath Residents Association)

and Cllr Wendy Matthews (Iver Parish Council).

Other Petitions are being presented by Buckinghamshire County Council,   South Bucks District Council, 

Richings Park Residents Association and Slough Borough Council.

An information event on the proposal was recently held in Iver Village Hall and at East Berkshire College, Langley.



To read Slough Borough Council's Petition,     click here  ( 197KB PDF file)

To read Iver Heath Residents Association's Petition,     click here    ( 227KB PDF file)

To read Bangors Road South Residents Association's Petition,   click here    ( 217KB PDF file)

To read Colne Valley Park's Petition,    click here    ( 68.3KB PDF file)

Wheely bin stickerWheely bin sticker           


Iver Parish Council has a supply of 30mph stickers to put on the side of your wheelie bin to remind passing traffic to adhere to the speed limit.  Collect one at the Council Office in Chequers Orchard or ask a parish councillor to get you one.

Please note they should be on the side of the bin, not obscuring the South Bucks Council crest.


Litter Picking Group

The Iver Heath Residents Association organize litter picking in Iver Heath on the first Saturday of every month.

Volunteers needed,

click here for details.

Pinewood Studios Development Phase 1

In consultation with South Bucks District Council,  a community liaison group has been set up comprising representatives of local residents, councils, businesses and other stakeholders, which will encourage and maintain dialogue between Pinewood Studios and local residents. Click here  to go to the Pinewood Studios website for more information.

Details have also been released with details of traffic movements etc. in connection with the new development at Pinewood Studios.  The main contractors, McAlpine, are issuing windscreen tickets to all their contractors subcontractors and regular site visitors which they must display in order to enter the site.  These show the routes to the site that must be taken. They will also be briefed on these at the time of letting contracts.  

Click here to view the windscreen sticker

You will note that Pinewood Green is a no-go area and if residents see vehicles with the sticker travelling through the area please get the registration numbers and let the Parish Council or  McAlpine know and they will deal with it.  They have a system of yellow and red cards and will ban persistent offenders from the site. They also want to be alerted if anyone with the sticker is seen parking inconsiderately at the Thornbridge Road shops.  There are set HGV routes to the site as shown which also avoid any traffic travelling through Richings Park, Iver Village or Wood Lane.  Again if any HGVs with the stickers as seen in these areas, then residents should report it.

The McAlpine CONSTRUCTION HOTLINE is 07581002957

Senior's Coffee Mornings 2015.

Dates for the rest of 2016 have been announced.  click here for more details.

Any Senior residents of Iver, Iver Heath or Richings Park are welcome to attend.



/New Advice Network launched in Iver.

click here for details

Some recent decisions of the Council.


Iver Parish Council has set aside some funding for short term worthwhile projects which serve to provide activities for either the youth of the area, or for projects from which senior citizens of the area might benefit.  Applications are sought from bona fide organisations who believe they can provide for either of these groups of people.

Whilst there are no prescriptive parameters for what these projects might be, a useful guide as to suitability for funding could be obtained by viewing the council's ‘Grant Awarding' policy (click here)


The parish council has now completed its work to update all parish streetlights to LED bulbs. The council appreciates there are mixed views regarding these new lights, with some people preferring the softer light and others not happy with the spread of the beam. The council will continue to investigate further improvements in terms of different reflectors (if suitable).

Love them or hate them, there are additional benefits to everyone. For those who are interested in cutting power consumption, and thus CO2 emissions/carbon footprint, the power usage is now reduced from 136,026 kilowatt hours to only 22,230 kilowatt hours.

That has to be good from an environmental perspective, and for council budgets! (Less than an eighth of the electricity used)

Dementia Café

The Alzheimer's Society is looking for volunteers to help support the new Iver Dementia Café which meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the Sports Centre at the Evreham Centre from 2pm to 4pm..

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Sara Uren Volunteering Officer on 0118 9596482                                

or email    sara.uren@alzheimers.org.uk

If you would like to come along please ring our Beaconsfield office on 01494 670909 for more information.

Street light faults.

A reminder that when you report street light faults, we need both the PC number from the lamp post in question plus the street name.

(Post numbers are not unique within the parish, just unique in that street.)

Bus services in Iver Parish.

Bus service, route 7, links Slough with Uxbridge via George Green and Iver Heath.

Route 58 links Slough with Uxbridge via Langley, Iver village and Iver Heath.


To see the timetable for route 7, click here.

To see the timetable for route 58, click here.

Thank you for supporting the route 58 Sunday service. This service is continuing for the rest of the year (including Bank holidays) thanks to the financial support of the Parish Council and Bucks County Council working in partnership with First Buses.

For the Sunday route 58 timetable click here .

Route 583 links Slough, Langley, Richings Park, Iver and Uxbridge.

For the new timetable, click here.

Planning Applications

Did you know you can view planning applications online?  click here 


View the Annual Return for 2014 - 2015 click here   ( 254 KB pdf file )

For earlier years - click here


Iver Parish Council is the body that represents local opinion. We are consulted on all planning proposals and have regular requests for opinions on a variety of matters such as footpaths, licensing and street collections, road safety, library services, ancient monuments and trees.

In addition we are responsible for some areas of common land including Iver Heath Fields, Swan Meadows in Iver, Hardings Row Nature Reserve, St Leonard's Mound in Richings Park, a footpath in Pinewood Green, 2 recreation grounds, sports pavilions at Iver and Iver Heath, 2 children's playgrounds, local street lighting, allotments, bus shelters, parish notice boards, seats and litter/dog bins.

We also give grants to a number of local organisations and provide hanging baskets in our shopping areas in the summer and lights at Christmas.

All Parish Council and Committee meetings are open to the public and we are required by law to hold an annual Parish meeting at which anything can be discussed. There are 14 Parish Councillors who try to represent local opinion but we welcome comments from anyone attending these meetings.

To read the .    

Chairmans Annual Report at the AGM 2014  click here (temporary 188KB pdf file)        

Annual Report of Iver Parish Council for 2012-2013    click here (325 KB pdf file)

Annual Report of Iver Parish Council for 2011-2012   click here (426 KB pdf file)



Iver Parish Council obtained Quality Council Status in 2007. This is a Government initiative to recognise Town and Parish Councils who have proven that they are competent and professionally managed. This is important in raising the standing of Town and Parish Councils so that the voice of local communities can be heard more strongly. Your Parish Council will seek to promote the interests of Iver in every way we can and this award can only help. 

click here for more details.

The Parish Council has an Action Plan which was derived from a questionnaire which was sent to all residents of the parish in July 2002.  To view progress on the plan click The Iver Parish Action Plan. (1.96MB pdf file) We are currently re-appraising the Plan and a mini survey has been undertaken.



The Council staff

Parish Clerk

Colin Barlow

Clerk Colin Barlow  

Maintenance Person

Raymond Peters

Ray Peters

Parish Clerk


Perri Sullivan

Perri Sullivan, Asst Clerk

Maintenance Assistant







Margaret Wilson

Maintenance Person

Wayne Broadley

Clerical Assistant

(Part time)

Lorraine Morton

Maintenance Person

Ian Hughes

click here to see Staff Structure      

The telephone number of IPC is:         01753 655331 office hours (answerphone out of office hours)

Email:                                                        admin@iverparishcouncil.gov.uk

and our address is:                                63 Chequers Orchard,                                                                   


                                                                   Bucks. SL0 9NJ.


The council also pays half towards the cost of a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) in partnership with Thames Valley Police.

For details of the Iver Local Area Forum of Bucks County Council  click here

Iver Parish Council is a founder member of the Colne Valley Park Community Interest Company

Click here for their websiteClick here for 2014 the Forum Report.

Iver Parish Council also has a Parish Guide.  To view click here (opens in new window)


Iver in early 1800s

llustration of Iver Village in the early 1800s by I. Hafsell.


For information available from Iver Parish Council under the Freedom of Information Act 

click here

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